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Pequot Lakes Hunting Club

Five hundred acres in a variety of terrain, fields, wetlands and woodlands offer the finest in duck and upland game shooting. The farm abounds with quail, pheasant, wild turkey, partridge and mallards. Deer hunting is also permitted for members only.
Nearly every sportsman experiences difficulty in finding a good place to hunt, particularly one close to home or office. Many cannot take the time away from their families and work to travel to some remote hunting spot where native game is abundant enough to insure good shooting. Wild Acres is the answer and solution to this problem.
Wild Acres is fully licensed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. We take pride in our healthy birds and the natural environment they are released .
You may not be familiar with a hunting farm, (shooting preserve). The first preserve was licensed in New York state in 1910, so it's not exactly a new idea. Also you may think it too tame for your tastes - not true. We invite you to come and try for yourself. It requires great skill on your part, with help of well trained dogs, to find, flush and bag the birds. We're sure you will agree the main difference between our hunting and hunting in the wild is that we know the birds are here. After a day's hunt you will have experienced the beauty of a natural landscape and the satisfaction of a full game pouch. It's the experience, not just a hunt.

Open shooting is available to the public everyday. Reservations are required. Hours are 9:30 am through 6:30 pm.  Parties of individuals, small groups or large groups are welcome. Memberships are also open to the public. Please contact us for membership information.


League shooting is open to the public from May until August. 


Perhaps you would like to sharpen your shooting skills before the hunt. Sporting clays will test your marksmanship, in its course of 50 surprise shooting thrills. Just follow the trail, watch for the pointing dog, and be ready! It's clay bird shooting at its most demanding.


Wild Acres provides dogs, trainers, and handlers to assure you of that extra advantage in finding and retrieving the downed birds. Labrador Retrievers, English Springer Spaniels and German Shorthair Pointers, well known for their finding, pointing and retrieving abilities are available. Year round training facilities available. Wild Acres will also board your dogs. 

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